Rotary is changing, evolving, growing Bigger, Better, and Bolder!

This is it!  Rotary is the service organization you have been looking for!  Rotary is for you!
There are more than 1.2 million Rotarians making up more than 33,000 Rotary Clubs in more than 200 countries world-wide!  Every club is autonomous and yet all contribute to the whole. Imagine the diversity in club cultures and club operations!  New clubs are forming constantly, many adapting to the hectic lifestyles of our new generations!   But Rotary is all inclusive with traditional lunch or dinner clubs, breakfast clubs, cocktail clubs, youth clubs, and even E-clubs!Rotary is adapting to changing times while preserving the best of it’s traditions and heritage!
Variations on membership opportunities include Satellite clubs, associate memberships, corporate memberships, and E-memberships which allow innovative and flexible membership requirements and club operations.  Rotary seeks out energetic members of all ages, students, working or retired, men and women of all occupations and situations!
And if that’s not diverse enough, Rotary encourages new ideas and new clubs formed around those ideas!  Existing Rotary clubs are eager to help you “design and organize” your own club, as well!
Check out the following video about joining Rotary:
This is the song written by Jerry Mills which was inspired by RI President Ray Klinginsmith and the work of Rotarians worldwide. The video was produced by Rotarian Bob Gallagher with full cooperation from Jerry Mills.


To view Jerry Mills’ website go to: jerrymills.com.
To view Bob Gallagher’s website go to: bobgallagher.com.© 2010 Music and Lyrics: Jerry Mills 

Visuals: Bob Gallagher and Rotary International
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